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Ubon RTAFB - U.S. Air Force during the Vietnam War & Today

Ubon Hotel Roof Top Views (Gene Ponce 2002)

These photos were taken by Gene Ponce from the rooftop of the Ubon Hotel on July 2002 during Ubon's annual "Candle Festival".
View the photos L-R & top to bottom for a panoramic 360 degree view of the entire city of Ubon.

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1.) Looking to the Northwest is Wat Sri Ubonrattananaram located in the corner of Khuanthani Road and the main road Upparat Road.


3.) Another view of the park looking North. Note: Ubon Air Base fighter squadron revetments are visible in the upper background. The 2 Radar Domes was the 10th Weather Squadron area.


5.) Another closeup view of the Ubon City Hall


7.) View of Ubon city looking directly to the East.


9.) View looking directly South towards Mun River and the outdoor market along the river bank.


11.) View looking towards the Southwest. The main theatre in town was located near the circle & water fountain. The big theatre in town was located across the blue building in the upper right (across the street). The entrance to the Mun River bridge was also located nearby.


13.) View looking to the West. The street below is Uprarat Road. This was the road (to the right) that we all used to get back to the Air Base.


14.) All of my Ubon City aerial photos were taken from the Ubon Hotel rooftop. This view is looking towards the South West.


2.) The square building below is Ubon's museum. In the background is the large park (Tuang Si Muang Park) we all knew.


4.) Northeast view of Ubon city. The white building with the red roof is the Ubon City Hall.


6.) This structure represents Ubon's Candle Festival monument. Ubon is very well known for their most beautiful and elaborate wax Candle carvings.


8.) This view is facing the Southeast. The Wat (Temple) in the background is Wat Luang. It's located along the Mun River bank. Tothe left of the Wat is Hat Wat Tai Island where many a GI went to party!


10.) Another view looking South to the Mun River. The Mun River bridge that leads to the city of Warin is visible on the upper right.


12.) Another view looking to the Southwest. The Mun River meanders through the city of Ubon. Wat Suppattanaram is on the upper right along the river.

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