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Searching for the following buddies!

Please contact the webmaster if you recognize anyone of the GI's listed below. Thank You

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I dedicate this web site to all of my Thailand Veteran brothers who gave their very best for our country and to all of our fellow veterans who never came home. This Web Site is for all of the Thailand Veterans who may not ever have a chance to return back to Ubon.

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Searching for these Personnel

                                                     Assigned to:
                                           Korat Air Base 1970-71
                                             553rd FMS Prop Shop
Msgt Dugan
Msgt Fred Wilson
TSgt Mickel
TSgt Vehrs
SSgt Sistrunk
SSgt Harry Blatnik
Sgt Brooks
Sgt Valda Cooks *Korat/Ubon* *FOUND* January 2011
Sgt Morgan
Sgt Michael Ofner
Sgt Tim Westphal
Sgt York
Sgt Barry E. Wood *Korat/Ubon* *FOUND* August 2004

Ubon Air Base 1971-72
8th FMS Prop Shop
Msgt Gonzalez
Msgt Haines (Pappy)
TSgt Kirby
TSgt Foster
TSgt Patterson
SSgt Baken
SSgt Brown
SSgt Paul Franceschina *May Have Found Him ?? January 2011
Sgt Effird
SSgt Hall
Sgt Austin
Sgt Joe Certeza *Ubon* *FOUND* October 2010
Sgt Jones
A1C Beard
A1C Cotes
A1C Eads
A1C Failla
A1C John Gilley
A1C William Haley *Ubon* *FOUND* October 2009
A1C Haynes
A1C Kates
A1C Emile C. Skeete *Ubon* *FOUND* October 2003

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