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Ubon Air Base - Today

These series of photos were taken from a new hotel that is located near the West perimeter road. I was able to get to the roof of the 10 story hotel and get some fantastic panoramic shots. Some photos were taken from the new Ubon Municipal Airport. I have been escorted into the base 2 times, but have not been allowed to photograph anything on base. If you have any comments or questions, please click here e-mail me

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This a view of the old Ubon Air Base Control Tower/Air Terminal. This photo was taken from across the runway at a golf putting area.


Photo of the largest building located along the flightline side. The building appeared to be some type of supply building.


View of what remains of the AC-130 Spectre Gunship revetments. This photo was taken from across the active runway at the new Ubon Municipal Airport.


View looking East to the active runway. The South end of the runway would be on the left side. The road on the bottom right (near small shack) of the photo would be where the on base restaraunt and tailor shops once stood.


Another view of the only AC-130 Gunship revetments remaining.



View of the Southwest end of the runway. To the right of the end of the runway would be the Air Base main gate.


A closeup view of the fighter revetments and the Southwest end of runway (EOR).


A closeup view of the fighter squadron engine run-up area revetment. You can also see an old Security Police perimeter look out tower and also the end of runway.


Another view of the fighter squadron parking ramp. The new Ubon Airport is in the upper background. The new Airport was built almost directly across the runway where the 16th SOS Spectre Gunship parking revetments were located.


View of one of the water tank towers located on base. This photo is a photo of the Air Base back gate on the perimeter road.


View of some type of storage building. Not sure if it belonged to base Supply or to the Civil Engineers. Maybe someone can identify the photo.


View of the fighter revetments from the East end looking across the active runway. The "Home of the Wolfpack" art work was painted over by the Thais in 2001.


View from across the runway. The building in the background is located near the fighter revetments along the flightline.



View of the 10th Weather Squadron Radar domes. The photo was taken from atop a nearby hotel.



View of the Air Base looking towards the Southeast. The fighter squadron revetments can be seen in the upper right. The golf course on the left would be where the main part of the base was located.


A closeup view of the fighter squadron flightline and the largest building in the flightline area. You can also see the middle portion of the runway.


On the lower right and at the end of the concrete wall near the row of trees was where the on base Thai restaurant and Tailor Shop was located. 


The same view as on the left, but zoomed out.


This view is looking directly to the Air Base main gate and part of the shops that were located just outside the gate.


A closeup view at one of the building facilities on the flightline. The new Airport Control Tower can be seen in the upper left.


View of the Air Base back gate perimeter road. The old Security watch tower still remains from the war days.


View looking into the base from the back gate perimeter road. My 8th FMS barrack is in the center of the photo. This is the area where the 2 level concrete housing barracks were located.


A closeup of one of the only remaining Security watch towers along the back gate perimeter road.